A Message to our 2015 Grant Applicants

The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation completed grant funding September 26, 2014 for 2014.

In 2014, the Foundation funded 105 grants totaling $1,329,000.00 which are listed under “Prior Grants” on our website.

The grant cycle for 2015 began May 27, 2015 and ends September 15, 2015.

What can you do now?

Read the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Guidelines. Both of which are subject to changes.

Remember to "refresh your computer" (select the refresh symbol or the F5 button) each time you visit our website, so you will receive the most current information & updates.

If you are an organization that is applying to the Foundation for the first time since 2009, you must create an account with us by entering certain information including the organization's TIN and a "password" This step will enable your organization to set up your PROFILE.

You will not be able to submit an application until the Foundation opens the 2015 grant cycle on May 27, 2015.

If you are an organization that has already created a PROFILE, please review & update it for accuracy. In addition to updating the information in your PROFILE, you may create a DRAFT of your application. Remember to save it. You will not be able to select SUBMIT until the Foundation opens the 2015 grant cycle.

Any time you open your profile, you will also be able to see the status of prior applications as well as the status of your current application, once it has been submitted.

Remember to watch this website beginning in early MAY 2015 for Foundation updates and changes to our Guidelines and/or FAQ's.